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From Hating Reading to Reading One Book Per Week!

From Hating Reading to Reading One Book Per Week!

Reading is the backbone of academics. Over time, weaknesses in reading do not just impact language arts but math (word problems), science, social studies – any subject that requires reading which is pretty much every subject!

Data shows that if students are not at grade level by the end of 3rd grade, only 25% of students ever catch up. Yet the typical approach is to do more of the same – school reading interventions and tutoring. However, these reading strategies do not typically address the root cause of most reading struggles -- weaknesses in cognitive skills like auditory processing, long-term memory and/or visual processing – so most students continue to struggle and even fall further behind as reading expectations increase each year.

Meet Samantha. Samantha was in this situation. She was a very bright 3rd grader but her reading struggles made everything difficult for her. Her parents tried tutoring and school reading programs, but when these did not help she started to back away from reading because it was becoming too difficult.

Thankfully, Samantha’s parents found LearningRx. Through the initial cognitive skills assessment, we identified the root cause of her struggles and created a training program to overcome these weaknesses. The end result, Samantha now loves reading. In fact, she has been reading one book per week since her LearningRx training!

Her father, John, said “The LearningRx approach was different. She actually enjoyed her training and the results were fantastic. LearningRx has opened up my daughter’s futures and now it’s just a matter of them applying themselves.”

If your child struggles with reading, don’t hesitate to identify why so the issues can be addressed. We have trained students of all ages (including adults) who struggle with reading. Don’t let this hold you or your child back!

Watch Samantha’s story below: