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No More Learning Frustration – Meet Aiden, Student #5!

No More Learning Frustration – Meet Aiden, Student #5!

Aiden really struggle to read and write. His parents discovered in Kindergarten that he was struggling as Aiden was pulled out of class to get extra help with reading and learning his sounds.

When he was in 4th grade, the difficulties and frustration started to impact his willingness to engage in his schoolwork. Homework became a battle that often ended with tears, frustration and pencils being thrown across the kitchen table. Aiden’s parents were at their wits end.

They enrolled Aiden at LearningRx and he excelled and loved his training. His training showed Aiden that he was capable of so much more. He had tried tutoring in the past but his mom saw it as a band aid that didn’t help. LearningRx training addressed the root cause of Aiden’s struggles and provided him with the tools and skills to know how to learn.

Now as a junior higher, Aiden is able to get his work done during school and the homework conflict, stress and frustrations are in the past. He can now focus and complete his work independently and has more time to just be a kid.

“LearningRx delivered in all the areas we had hoped for and now our son has the tools to achieve. Thank you!”