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Meet Superstar, Will – 12 Days of Christmas Student #2!

Meet Superstar, Will – 12 Days of Christmas Student #2!

The COVID “stay at home” order was enacted right after our 3rd grader started his LearningRx training. But the LearningRx staff adapted amazingly and continued his 1-on-1 training remotely until they were able to go back to in-person training a few months later.

Before LearningRx, my really bright son struggled with his reading skills. He resisted reading no matter the book we put in front of him, which led to frustration and arguments.

His LearningRx training targeted his memory, processing speed, visual processing and auditory processing skills – these were the root cause of his reading difficulties.

LearningRx worked miracles! He now reads bedtime stories to his younger siblings and can read his OWN instructions when given a distance learning assignment – hallelujah!! We are all doing the best we can in this distance and hybrid learning environment, but I now my son’s reading would not have improved with school alone. In fact, while many other student’s standardized test scores have dropped the last months, my son’s has increased significantly!

I’m so thrilled we have been able to get to the root cause of WHY he was struggling with reading and equip him to be successful. LearningRx is a commitment, but I would do it again without hesitation because reading is such a critical life skill. The independence my son has now is priceless. Everyone at LearningRx was committed to his success, and we are so thankful for this training.