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Looking for a tutor for the new school year? Is tutoring your best choice?

Looking for a tutor for the new school year? Is tutoring your best choice?

The start of this school year is like no other – distance learning mixed with at school learning for most districts. Most parents had a taste of distance learning this past spring and many are not looking forward to more. If your child struggled with school this past year you may be looking for a tutor to make this new school year better. However, is tutoring your best option?

Tutoring is basically hiring an additional teacher to help your child learn and handle the academic content they struggled to grasp the first time. However, most parents never ask, “Why does my child even need a tutor in the first place? Why is my child struggling while others do not?”. Instead of addressing the root cause of learning difficulties, we continue to look for tutoring help year-after-year as school becomes more difficult.

How about another approach? How about identifying and addressing the root cause of a child’s learning struggle to elevate your child out of the constant cycle of academic catch-up and equip them with the skills to succeed.

Meet Lily. Lily’s mother – a teacher – was concerned as Lily struggled with staying on task, reading and math. Schoolwork typically ended in tears and frustration and Lily’s confidence was diminished. Rather than turning to tutoring – an area her mom know well being a teacher – she turned to LearningRx. LearningRx was able to identify why Lily was struggling and customize a program to strengthen these skills.

The end result? Lily now loves to read and homework is not frustrating. She is able to focus and her confidence has returned. To top it off, she loved her training!

As you enter the school year, don’t simply put a band aid on your child’s academic struggles through tutoring types of interventions, call LearningRx to identify and address the root cause once and for all.

Lily’s story featured on Twin Cities Live: