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Our Team

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey Cognitive Skills Trainer

    I love getting to know my students and seeing how they work. I get so much time one-on-one to help them develop better strategies and problem solving skills to deal with (and conquer) whatever they struggle with. That sense of accomplishment a student feels when they finally complete a challenge we’ve been working at for a few days is priceless, and I get to be there to cheer them on!

  • Karen
    Karen Cognitive Skills Trainer

    I really enjoy the one on one training time I have with each of my students. It’s rewarding to see their progress as they build skills and confidence!

  • David
    David Cognitive Skills Trainer

    I love being there when students hit that "light-bulb" moment, when they realize that they can do something that they could not do before. To see their smiles after all their hard work has paid off for them - priceless.

  • Kate
    Kate Cognitive Skills Trainer

    Working at LearningRx is incredibly rewarding. I grateful to be able to work one-on-one with children everyday as they grow in confidence and ability!

  • Hailey
    Hailey Cognitive Skills Trainer

    I love pushing my students to improve their skills and see them gain confidence as they see what they are capable of doing.

  • Anne
    Anne Assessor

    I have the privilege of being the first direct contact with our clients when they come in for their initial cognitive assessment, and then seeing them again for their final assessment upon completion of training. I can honestly say that I think I have one of the greatest jobs at LRx! The improvement in cognitive skills that can be seen on paper in the test scores is always impressive, but what has literally brought me to tears following a final assessment is being a witness to the change in self-confidence and pride a student has developed in themselves and knowing what that means for their future. I truly believe that LearningRx changes lives!

  • Brad
    Brad Director of Training

    I so enjoy working with students—from school-age kids learning to read to adults needing to reclaim skills lost to injury or illness. It's such an exciting process to be a part of, supporting students as they push themselves to develop new skills and come to realize what they're truly capable of. I can think of little that's more gratifying!

  • Julia
    Julia Director of First Impressions

    I love giving hope to families who call the center looking for answers as to why their child isn’t meeting his or her potential. You can almost hear a sigh of relief when you say “we can help!” It’s fun to get to know each family that goes through this program, and celebrate their student’s success with them. I’m inspired by the kids and adults who show up to each training session, give 100% and reap the benefits of their hard work.

  • Shelly
    Shelly Director of First Impressions

    I feel very fortunate to work in an environment that changes lives for the better. It is so rewarding to see the improvements our students make and the self-confidence they gain as a result of our training program. I enjoy working with and encouraging families throughout the process.

  • Rich Frieder
    Rich Frieder Owner & Director

    Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Rich Frieder, and I am the Owner of the LearningRx centers in Savage, Eagan, and Woodbury. It is such an honor to work with local families to unlock the root cause of learning difficulties and strengthen core cognitive skills. A main drive in my wife and I opening the centers years ago was our youngest daughter, Catie, who was diagnosed with ADHD, receptive and expressive language delays, sensory issues and reading struggles. LearningRx training has helped her so much and we now have the privilege of helping local families in the same way!

  • Heather
    Heather Cognitive Skills Trainer

    I enjoy working at LearningRx because it gives me an opportunity to help improve other people’s confidence and capabilities.

    It gives me personal satisfaction when I see someone reach a higher level than they ever thought they could achieve.