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My name is Rich Frieder, and I am the Owner of the LearningRx center in Savage. It is such an honor to work with local families to unlock the root cause of learning difficulties and strengthen core cognitive skills. A main drive in my wife and I opening the Savage center 12 years ago was our youngest daughter, Catie, who was diagnosed with ADHD, receptive and expressive language delays, sensory issues and reading struggles. The main options we were given at the time to help her were ADHD medication and an IEP in the classroom.

Unfortunately for our daughter, these strategies did not prove successful. We tried several types of medication and they all made our fun, happy girl crabby, moody and dropped her appetite. We realized an IEP would help Catie get through school, but it was accommodating her weaknesses vs. strengthening them. We were very intrigued with LearningRx and did a lot of due diligence ultimately deciding to open a center in Savage, MN.

Not only has LearningRx training helped our daughter, but we have now worked with over 2,000 Twin Cities families. LearningRx training has helped our family so much and we now have the privilege of helping local families in the same way!

Our Savage location has won numerous awards including Community Impact and Customer Service Awards for the past 11 straight years! We do everything we can to help our students excel and make your family’s experience with us top notch!

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