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LearningRx gave our daughter a I can, no quit attitude

LearningRx gave our daughter a I can, no quit attitude

undefinedLike so many students, Paulina's struggle with attention, learning, and reading carried on year after year, throughout Elementary school. While her receiving a diagnosis of Dyslexia and a Learning Disability, gave her parents Tony and Lizbeth some answers, they struggled to find a solution. Event though she had amazing teachers and support, accommodations and modifications at school weren't fixing the problem, just band-aiding her real issues. "Before finding out about about LearningRx, our daughter Paulina struggled in elementary classes. She was reading well below grade level and became disheartened with math, so much so that she began to dread school, "Tony shares. And to add fuel to the fire, Paulina's difficulties were starting to take a toll on her confidence. Her parents knew she had a bright future ahead, if only they could make her pathway a little less bumpy.

With goals of Paulina being able to able to pay attention better, think faster, understand concepts more easily, retain information more accurately, and learn all subject matter with ease and success, Tony and Lizbeth began searching for help outside of school. Having already tried another brain-based program in San Antonio, as well as, tutoring before and after school, they we're praying to find something that worked for their daughter. "We knew she needed help and LearningRx was recommended to us by a family friend whose child experienced much success in their program," states Tony. Determined to pinpoint the cause of Paulina's learning struggle, Lizbeth scheduled her for a "gold-standard" cognitive skills assessment. It was soon clear that weaknesses in memory, processing speed, logic and reasoning, and visual and auditory processing, were the culprit to Paulina's learning challenges all along. This revelation gave Tony and Lizbeth a newfound hope for their daughter. "The brain has plasticity, it can be rewired to make learning, thinking, reading remembering, and paying attention, easier and more efficient," explains LearningRx Stone Oak's Owner and Educational Diagnostician, Gina Cruz. "We can help anyone that wants to improve their brain function, and we have the research and results to prove it, "Cruz says.

"Once our daughter Paulina began her individualized learning plan at Learning plan at LearningRx, she experienced growth in her reading, increased speed in math processing and a substantial increase in her overall IQ", Tony shares. With hard work and dedication, she is working more independently at home and school, is reading more fluently, no longer needs frequent breaks to attend, and her confidence has increased dramatically. The sky is the new limit for Paulina! "I would recommend LearningRx to any parent who wants their children to experience wins in the classroom and establish an 'I can, no quit' attitude."