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His Confidence Increased Exponentially

His Confidence Increased Exponentially
Student Alex in learning center

Learning had always been fun for Alex when it came to things he loved, but when it came to things he thought were "boring", the learning became harder and more frustrating. After overcoming a slower educational start due to environmental factors, Alex played catch up for most of his first few years of elementary school. He'd done well, but wanted to improve not only his ability to learn "boring" material, but to excel.

"Alex had always been inquisitive, but there were things he'd get stuck on and his confidence would would plummet. When a couple of kids in his class made fun of a grade he made on a benchmark test, he really got down on himself," explained his mom, Patricia. "We knew Alex was capable of so many great things, but he had to realize it for himself and that's when we turned to LearningRx since it had helped his sister as well."

Initially, the sessions with his instructors at LearningRx, weren't fun at all for him or them. Alex would put his head down when things got "too hard". He'd began to realize his ability to learn new things and find a way to make things interesting and even fun. The arguing lessened from every session and decreased to almost never. If there was a disagreement, he presented it in a thoughtful, positive, and productive way. He didn't disconnect when things got difficult, but took them as a challenge and followed through. His confidence increased exponentially, helping him with not only schoolwork but into his lacrosse game and his general attitude. 

LearningRx not only gave him the executive decision making tools he needed for his studies, but for everyday learning. Now, when he comes upon a problem, he can usually work his way through it without getting annoyed with himself. He's young, he still has plenty of learning years to go, but one thing that will help carry him into his future successes are the lessons he took at LearningRx.