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LearningRx helped our son realize he was capable!

LearningRx helped our son realize he was capable!

Will's journey at learningRxWill's middle school years were tough. Instead of being a memorable time in his life, his days were filled with anxiety and fear of failure. Despite his parent's (Michael and Lynn) best efforts to give him continuous praise and encouragement, "His frustration had reached a point that he would just give up, and he truly started to believe that he was not capable of success," Lynn states. The pain of having a child struggle and think less of himself, was becoming too much to bare. Hours and hours of re-teaching concepts each night was adding up. "Math homework was a constant source of frustration, no matter how many times I would teach a concept, the material would never stick," explains Lynn. The labor of learning was taking its toll and Will's parents were desperate for change. 

Fortunately, upon searching on the web for a solution, Lynn found LearningRx. After scheduling a gold-standard, nationally recognized Cognitive Skills Assessment, she began to feel hopeful. They were well on their way to a solution for their son. Michael and Lynn would soon learn the culprits for Will's learning struggles were weaknesses in short-term memory, working memory, and logic and reasoning. Their son was not merely being lazy pr complaining for nothing. There was a valid reason for his struggle. It was out of control! The family soon decided to commit their summer to building a better brain with LearningRx Brain Training, in hopes that next year and every year thereafter, Will would learn with ease and success. 

To their amazement, that is exactly what ensued. "As he progressed through the LearningRx program, Will gradually realized that he was capable ... even more that he was pretty good! His confidence continues to increase as he masters more and more concepts, "exclaims Lynn. With Will's increased attention span, independence, memory, confidence, and determination, he is sure to tackle every obstacle that comes his way. It took hard work over the summer to change his brain, and it was well worth it. "LearningRx helped our son  realize our son he was capable!"