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LearningRx Made the Light Bulb Come On And Put A Smile On Our Daughter's Face!

LearningRx Made the Light Bulb Come On And Put A Smile On Our Daughter's Face!

Student LaylaElementary school should be the easiest time-period for learning in a child's academic career, but that was not the case for Layla. She had already been held back a year and was still not performing at grade level. Layla was easily distracted, struggling to read, working slowly, and needing constant repetition to retain information. "Layla needed extra one-on-one attention, individual focus, and a hands on approach for certain areas to sink in", explained her parents, Paul and Lacey, Her distractability, poor memory, and slow pace were causing her to lag behind her peers, feel anxious and struggle with overall learning. Left feeling deflated and defeated, something needed to change for Layla.

In their quest for answers, Paul and Lacy were thrilled when Layla's school referred them to LearningRx. The process began with Layla's evaluation at LearningRx using a nationally recognized, comprehensive skills used to think, learn, read, remember, and pay attention. Lacy states, "The assessment alone was so eye opening, the cognitive weaknesses fit the symptoms we were seeing in Layla and we were grateful for answers. "Paul and Lacy were excited to learn that LearningRx wouldn't simply tutor Layla or teach her compensatory tricks or techniques to remember information and work quicker, they would strengthen her skills and rewire her brain in just six months. "We have 35 years' worth of research and development on our programs," LearningRx Stone Oak's Owner and Educational Diagnostician, Gina Cruz shares, "the change in our clients is real and proven'.

Upon completion of the program and even with the summer break, she retained what she worked so hard for the last school year and has shown great improvement this school year with all A's and B's. "Not only did we see a difference in her schoolwork after brain training, we also saw a drastic difference in her behavior at home. She doesn't argue all evening doing her homework, she has become more independent, and has a better outlook on school in general", Lacy explains. "Changing the brain isn't easy. It requires a high level of commitment, but it works, and we are overjoyed to be a part of changing lives of families in our community with our brain training programs," Cruz shares. "LearningRx was by the best decision we could have made for Layla's continuing education. We are also so grateful for their help; they made the light bulb come on and put a smile on our daughters face."