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Do You Know the Differences Between ADHD and Autism?

Do You Know the Differences Between ADHD and Autism?

It can be challenging to decipher ADHD from autism spectrum disorder because they share some similarities. Both are neurodevelopmental disorders that can result in difficulty with focus, impulsive behavior, communication and relationship challenges. Armed with a little knowledge, however, you can spot the differences between the two disorders and seek the interventions that would best support your child’s needs.

What are the primary characteristics of ADHD and autism?

Children with ADHD are typically excessively busy and have difficulty concentrating on tasks and conversations.

Children with autism can be awkward in social situations and have difficulty communicating and processing information. They may also engage in repetitive behaviors.

All children are different and ADHD and autism can present themselves in many different ways. Here are common symptoms of each that you may observe with your child:

If your child has ADHD, they may:

  • Overreact to sensory input
  • Fidget and move; have difficulty sitting still
  • Melt down from frustration
  • Be socially awkward
  • Become easily distracted; be forgetful
  • Have difficulty following directions
  • Have difficulty completing tasks
  • Play rough
  • Have difficulty taking turns
  • Not like doing the same thing for long periods of time
  • Speak without thinking; interrupt
  • Act without thinking

If your child has autism, they may:

  • Overreact to sensory input
  • Fidget and move; have difficulty sitting still
  • Melt down from frustration
  • Be socially awkward
  • Avoid making eye contact or physical contact
  • Exhibit delayed speech
  • Exhibit advanced speech but struggle with nonverbal communication and reading social cues
  • Repeat the same word or phrase; have obsessive interests
  • Love repetition and order
  • Struggle with changes in their routine
  • Have difficulty perceiving danger
  • Self-soothe with rocking or other body movements

Challenges for children with ADHD and autism

Because following social rules is challenging for kids with ADHD and autism, making and maintaining friendships is particularly difficult. Children with ADHD are often criticized by teachers and other adults in their lives for acting out, which can negatively impact their self-esteem.

At LearningRx, we have vast experience helping children who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder live a more adjusted life. We offer powerful brain-training therapy to boost your child’s weak cognitive skills so they can learn and communicate easier and be more comfortable in their own skin. If you’d like to learn more, contact us here!

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