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  • Julie Chambers
    Julie Chambers Owner

    Hello Prosper and Celina families! I’m Julie Chambers, and I know many of you. We own several Learning Centers in DFW, but we have lived in Prosper and Celina for over a decade. Our Prosper ADHD Center just opened, but we have already helped restore the lives of so many struggling families in Prosper, Celina and the surrounding towns through our Frisco Center for years. I’m Julie Chambers, Executive Director, and I’ve seen so many families that feel alone in their struggles. I love Prosper and Celina, but from the outside everybody seems so perfect. I promise you every family struggles, and according to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, about 20% of children and adults face some kind of learning struggle. You are not alone.

    Of my 6 children, each had a different challenge, Challenges I though they could just try harder to overcome. Challenges I thought they would grow out of, but at the root of all their challenges were these chains holding them bondage to Anxiety, Depression, Attention Issues and the side effects like poor grades, lack of confidence and social issues. I was naive. I didn’t know they had Cognitive Deficits, even my high IQ kids struggled in some way. With a Cognitive Skills Assessment, we identified each child’s specific issues, but I didn’t want to Medicate them. We found LearningRx and put all 6 of our kids through a program before purchasing our franchise. Wow! After their programs, my kids were confident, not anxious about the future, and were able to handle adversity. I am Julie Chambers, an ambassador for hope, and I’d like you to schedule a confidential assessment, review your results with me and let’s get your family on a path to healing.