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LearningRx Reviews Teen’s Success With Personal Brain Training

LearningRx Reviews Teen’s Success With Personal Brain Training

Girl goes from two to three years behind to catching up to her peers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—LearningRx (, the world’s largest personal brain training company, is celebrating the success of Hope who saw significant improvements in academics and confidence after completing a one-on-one brain training program.

Hope came from a traumatic situation and was years behind in school when her mom decided to move her into a classroom setting. Although she was supposed to be in sixth grade, Hope was testing at third- and fourth-grade levels.

“Everything was a struggle,” says Hope’s mom. “She didn’t know her multiplication tables. I tried to get her to read books to improve her reading comprehension, but she refused. Her handwriting and spelling were terrible. She hated school.”

Hope’s mom enrolled her in a LearningRx personal brain training program where she was able to greatly improve her cognitive skills and join her peers in sixth grade!

Hope has increased confidence and now loves history, reading and public speaking.

“Now I can actually go to school and complete my work and feel confident,” says Hope. “My biggest dreams are to fulfill my dreams that I always had but never really believed that I could achieve. I never believed that I could function as a real person but now I believe it. All the hours that I put in for so long have really been worth it.”

“It’s definitely worth the money,” says Hope’s mom. “It’s a fantastic program with excellent instructors that really care about your children and they’re going to make sure that you child sees immense progress.”

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