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LearningRx Launches Personal Brain Training Program for Current and Former NFL Players

LearningRx Launches Personal Brain Training Program for Current and Former NFL Players

LearningRx, the world’s largest personal brain training company, has just launched a personal brain training program to help current and former NFL players who are concerned about declining cognitive skills.

The one-on-one cognitive skills training program has already helped more than 100,000 clients, including soldiers with traumatic brain injury, retired NFL tight end Ben Utecht, and other athletes, all of who were able to regain some of their cognitive skills.

LearningRx provides three services to athletes: the creation of a cognitive baseline against which the impact of future concussions can be compared; a comprehensive cognitive skills assessment to determine which brain skills—such as memory, attention, and processing speed—are weak; a customized brain training program that pairs the athlete with a personal brain trainer to target and train weak cognitive skills.

“After reading interviews of Brett Favre, Tony Dorsett, Larry Johnson and others talking about their concerns for declining cognitive function, we decided it was a good time to share our research results on TBI,” says LearningRx Chief Research Officer Tanya Mitchell, referring to a clinical study that was published in the prestigious journal Frontiers in Psychology. In the study, LearningRx worked with soldiers in a Warrior Transition Unit who had experienced a traumatic brain injury. “After completing LearningRx brain training, MRI scans revealed greater global efficiency for the treated group, as well as statistically significant correlations between changes in functional connectivity and changes in cognitive test scores. Observational data included a mean standard point gain of 18 points on long-term memory and 12 points on tests of working memory.”

Current and former NFL players are encouraged to contact their closest LearningRx personal brain training center via to make an appointment for a cognitive skills assessment.

“For many athletes, the assessment is even a relief because it confirms what they’ve been experiencing,” says Mitchell. “Once we have those results, we can make a plan to target and train those weak brain skills.”