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National Student of the Year winner!

National Student of the Year winner!

Tanya Mitchell, LearningRx Chief Research Officer

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LearningRx Personal Brain Training Reviews New Student Success

She nearly dropped out of college—but now she’s a peer tutor!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE––August 1, 2017, (Colorado Springs, CO)—One-on-one brain training company LearningRx is celebrating the incredible success of Taylor, a college student and winner of LearningRx’s national Student of the Year competition celebrating the top brain training results across the country.

Taylor says she had trouble paying attention during conversations with friends and family, and following multistep directions at her job as a vet tech. She considered dropping out of college because she was so anxious about chemistry. Math was also a struggle, and she’d often read for hours trying to understand just a few pages of material because she’d get distracted while reading or just didn’t have the reading comprehension.

After LearningRx, Taylor says so much changed for her! She no longer needs to ask her boss or clients to repeat multistep directions and she is much more efficient at work. Taylor actually got a promotion at both her jobs and a raise! She not only stopped going to tutoring, but became a peer tutor herself—helping other students in several subject, including chemistry!

“I’m definitely more focused and excited to be at school,” says Taylor. “In high school, I was just going through the motions. Now I love learning and I want to learn everything. Today my dreams are bigger because I know they’re attainable. LearningRx changed my life.”