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LearningRx Shares New Insights Into ADHD Interventions

LearningRx Shares New Insights Into ADHD Interventions

December 1, 2017 – December 2 is Special Ed Day and LearningRx, the world’s largest personal brain training company, is sharing new insights into ADHD interventions.

The results of a large study on LearningRx personal brain training presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. in August revealed that working memory, long-term memory, and processing speed are the greatest cognitive deficits across the lifespan for people with attention deficit disorder (ADHD). The cross-sectional study of more than 5,400 participants is one of the largest conducted to date on cognitive profiles in ADHD.

The study was led by psychologist Amy Lawson Moore, PhD of the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research and neuroscientist Christina Ledbetter, PhD of Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

“These results tell us that we need to select interventions that address more than attention problems,” explains Dr. Moore. “Instead, we need to choose a therapeutic approach that targets multiple cognitive deficits. It’s a huge paradigm shift, and we are excited to share these findings with the psychology community.”

“About 30% of our clients were diagnosed with ADHD before coming to us,” says LearningRx Chief Research Officer Tanya Mitchell. “We found that most of those students, in addition to weak broad attention skills, had weak long-term memory, processing speed and working memory.” According to Mitchell, cognitive skills can be targeted with personal brain training, which incorporates immediate feedback, intensity and loading, among other features, to train those weak skills.

Beyond Attention: Cognitive Profiles is ADHD” is available at