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LearningRx Reviews Three Reasons Your Kids Aren’t Organized

LearningRx Reviews Three Reasons Your Kids Aren’t Organized

January is National Get Organized Month

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Three Reasons Your Kids Aren’t Organized

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – To coincide with making New Year’s resolutions, it only makes sense that January would be designated as National Get Organized Month. And if you’re like many parents, getting your daughter to keep track of her homework or your son to clean his room can feel like mission impossible. That’s why personal brain training company LearningRx is offering three reasons your kids aren’t organized, and what to do about it.

  1. You’re not setting a good example. Why would you expect your child to keep her papers in order when you’ve got a stack of unopened bills on the kitchen counter? And how can you threaten to take away technology privileges for a chaotic mix of dirty and clean laundry on your tween’s floor when your home office is a mess and you keep missing important appointments? Kids model their behavior on the adults around them. Don’t be a hypocrite. Make a plan to get organized and better manage your commitments and time.
  1. Your child has weak cognitive skills. A lack of organizational and time-management skills is often symptomatic of weak cognitive skills. For example, if working memory is weak, a child may forget what his teacher assigned for homework mere minutes later. If attention skills are weak, children can be easily distracted from a task, such as sorting toys or papers. If logic and reasoning is weak, children may frequently feel suck and overwhelmed, finding it hard to solve problems, leading them to give up in frustration. Consider having your child or teen’s cognitive skills assessed and then trained. In the meantime, start by taking this online quiz on learning struggles:
  1. You’re doing everything for them. If you’re always reminding your daughter to grab her cleats for afterschool softball practice, or you’re constantly nagging your son to start his 10-page paper, it may be time to back off. Instead, teach your kids how to be organized and manage their time, and let them deal with the consequences when they don’t.

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