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LearningRx Releases Video on “7 Keys to Effective Brain Training”

LearningRx Releases Video on “7 Keys to Effective Brain Training”

November 27, 2017 – LearningRx (, the world’s largest personal brain training company, has launched a new informational video, “7 Key Ingredients of Effective Brain Training.”

The 51-minute video, which is taken from a presentation done by LearningRx Chief Research Officer Tanya Mitchell, is intended to help parents, clinicians, educators and prospective LearningRx franchise owners gain a unique understanding of the real-life benefits that LearningRx students and their families experience after brain training.

Some of the highlights of the video include:

  • Explanations of the seven key ingredients of effective brain training
  • Highlights from LearningRx’s 2015-17 Client Outcomes and Research Results Report
  • A personal brain training sample exercise
  • Net gains from 72 hours of group vs. personal brain training
  • Four considerations for measuring the success of a brain training program
  • Actual brain images from LearningRx clients
  • Background on LearningRx
  • Real Q&As from presentation attendees

To view the video, visit