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LearningRx One-on-One Brain Training to Host Free Webinar

LearningRx One-on-One Brain Training to Host Free Webinar

“How Effective Brain Training Impacts Reading and Comprehension”

November 27, 2017 – LearningRx (, the world’s largest personal brain training company, will host the free webinar, “How Effective Brain Training Impacts Reading and Comprehension” on Thursday, December 14 at 12 p.m. (MST).

Registration for the 50-minute webinar, which will be hosted by LearningRx Chief Research Officer Tanya Mitchell, is open to anyone who wants to understand how and why targeted, one-on-one brain training matched with a sound-to-code reading program really works.

“We want to help parents, clinicians, educators and prospective LearningRx franchise owners gain a unique understanding of the real-life benefits that LearningRx students and their families experience after brain training,” says Mitchell. “This webinar will explain what current research defines as the key cognitive skills needed for effective reading and comprehension, and why training weak cognitive skills is the right step toward helping children and adults who struggle with reading problems or dyslexia.”

The webinar will also cover the seven key ingredients of effective brain training, and discussion of the recentForbes article, “Brain Games Don’t Work,” which largely focused on Lumosity.

Mitchell says that webinar participants will also learn four considerations for measuring the success of a brain training program, including:

  1. Has peer-reviewed research
  2. Shows significant results
  3. Has a history of successful outcomes
  4. Transfers to real-life benefits

“This is an information-rich webinar,” says Mitchell. “Anyone interested in learning more about personal brain training, reading and comprehension will no doubt leave fulfilled.”

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