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LearningRx has completed Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) on cognitive skills and IQ, (see pgs 35 and 37 of the Client Outcomes and Research Results booklet), as well as several quasi-experimental controlled studies and numerous observational studies using pre- and post-standardized assessments from thousands of clients. Please download below.

But don’t take our word for it. We also get some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the country. In fact, here’s what parents and clients are saying about us:

LearningRx Reviews:

“The difference in Emily’s attitude is like night and day. I wish had had known about LearningRx years ago, when I first began to realize Emily was having trouble. Committing finally to this program was a major decision for me. However, I have absolutely no regrets and believe this is the best investment of our time and money.” Beth, mother of Emily, age 15**

“We knew she had potential, but it had been hidden for so long. Our daughter’s life has literally been changed by LearningRx.”

“I am amazed at how, in such a short period of time, his desire to learn expanded. I would definitely recommend the program to any parent who has concerns that their child is struggling or just seems to have to work too hard in any learning skills. Thank you, LearningRx!” Lisa, mother of Parker, age 7

Some of the statistics on this page are based on the average pre- and post-test results of thousands of clients, without a control group. You may see more or less improvement in IQ and/or cognitive skills following your program.

This page contains testimonials of real LearningRx clients. You may see more or less improvement in IQ and/or cognitive skills following your program.

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