Reviews for Brain Training

LearningRx one-on-one brain training pairs each client with his or her own brain trainer for fun, challenging mental workouts that strengthen the foundational skills the brain uses to think and perform.Cognitive areas improved by LearningRx brain training programs include: attention, long-term memory, short-term memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic & reasoning, and overall processing speed. Clients include:

  • Children and teens struggling with learning, reading, homework, and grades
  • Adults of all ages seeking improved iq and better mental performance
  • Children and adults with dyslexia, Autism, ADHD or TBIs for whom cognitive training offers benefits

Client Reviews

At LearningRx, we regularly hear from clients who want to share with us their brain training experiences. Here’s what clients are saying:

“LearningRx staff and trainers were exceptional. They met and exceeded program goals. Our daughter’s focus, concentration and confidence excelled. Bless you, LearningRx!”

“Our son struggles with ADHD and before LearningRx he was very insecure and was on a behavior plan. One year later he is performing above average in school, is off his behavior plan, and is a leader in his class. He is now able to show the world who he is and what he is capable of! Thank you LearningRx for everything!”

“I highly recommend LearningRx to others. It helps in ways tutoring can’t. Just seeing a smile return to my kids’ faces, because learning isn’t the chore it once was, is worth every penny.”

“LearningRx delivers an awesome program that dramatically changed my son’s abilities. The program looks and feels like games yet it strengthens the brain. This is the best program to help a student not only get through school but excel in every way.”

“I came in six months ago after struggling for years and not being a fluent reader or having the ability to remember. I am more confident, love reading, and will spend many years reading to my baby girl! This is an amazing program with amazing staff and people who truly care!”

“LearningRx was a wonderful experience for us and our daughter. Our daughter was struggling to keep up in school. We knew she needed something more than reviewing concepts. This was by far the best option and had heard such great reviews from other parents. We are so happy with our decision and have seen the results in our daughter at school.”

“LearningRx has changed my life! All my life I have struggled with low self-esteem. I was never able to complete anything I started. I cannot possibly describe how amazing this program has been for me! To put it mildly, this course far exceeded my expectations! I will be forever grateful to the staff at LearningRx!”

“Our son was a struggling reader for many years. We tried tutoring but always felt like we were playing catch up and never getting to the underlying issue. We found LearningRx and finally had our breakthrough! The comprehensive testing, targeted training, and incredible support truly changed his life!”

“I love this program and totally believe in the power of brain training. Such a good mental workout!”

“Never before have I participated in a program that made my brain feel like a muscle. LearningRx did that. I literally felt my brain and cognitive processes strengthening. The benefit has been the complete disappearance of mental fatigue at work, particularly at the end of the day. As a professional businessman, I can say that my clients have been directly benefitted by LearningRx.”

“[Tara] had been through reading programs, and thought LearningRx would be similar. All that changed the day we met Matt, the director. Working with arrows, colors, and nonsense words was fun and took the pressure off—it wasn’t about being smart, it was about developing skills. Her newfound belief in her abilities has given her the courage to try at school, rather than just giving up.”

“Our 9 year old daughter, who is now in 4th grade, is about halfway through a 160 hour program at LearningRx. We are seeing really positive results in terms of her academic functioning at school, as well as an observable increase in overall `sharpness’ in her daily life. Prior to coming to LearningRx, we had hired tutors and she was also being tutored in small groups at school with no improvement. After speaking with the school administration and realizing they were not willing or equipped to provide her with the specialized help she needed, we were so happy and relieved to find LearningRx. We are looking forward to seeing the end results of the program and are very thankful for the help that she’s getting!”

“My trainer Andrew worked with my busy life and we worked hard every time to achieve my goals. LearningRx has helped me build my confidence!”

These are just some of the many reviews we get from clients who have tried our programs and have seen firsthand how they can change your life.

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