Enroll Your Child in Summer Brain Camp – Where It’s Fun to Be Smart!


Join us at LearningRx’s Summer Brain Camp, a cognitive enrichment program for children and teens ages 4 to 14. We create an engaging environment in which your child can discover tools for thriving in school and life while exposing them to fun activities that work on core brain skills, including memory, attention and logic.

Our Brain Camp also teaches kids how to solve problems, harness the power of a great attitude and use cool tricks to memorize things easily. Your child will learn an easy visual strategy and use it to memorize the first 20 elements of the periodic table!

LearningRx’s Brain Camp Will Help Your Child:

  • Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Win prizes and awards
  • Discover the secret power of work ethic, motivation and more
  • Learn cool tricks for easier memorization
  • Play fast-paced games that exercise the brain skills that make it easier to think, read and learn

Brain Camp Blog

Brain Camp is offered by LearningRx, a pioneer and leader in cognitive training with 80 brain training centers across the nation.

It will take place at LearningRx Orlando-Windermere:
6735 Conroy Road, Suite 326
Orlando, FL 32835

Summer Brain Camp sessions will take place during the following dates:

For children and teens ages 8-14

  • June 5- 9
  • June 12- 16
  • June 19-23
  • July 10-14
  • July 17-21

For children ages 4-7

  • June 26-30
  • July 5-7 (W-F only due to 4th of July on Tuesday) *Prorated to $120*
  • July 24-28

Camps will run from 9am to 1pm each day. The cost of this camp is $199, but space is limited.  Save $25 if booked by May 31st!

Reserve a spot for your child by calling or emailing us today!


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