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Our Team

  • Adam Butler
    Adam Butler Owner & Director

    I went to University of Virginia and studied Music. I grew up the child of public educators and I've spent the majority of my professional career in education and education technology. I was introduced to LearningRx through a friend who owns the LearningRx center in Charlottesville, VA. After hearing of the successes there and seeing a need in Nashville, I opened this center in 2014. Watching our students fill with confidence as they grow and realize their full potential is one of my greatest joys. My two boys, Hudson and Beau, have even benefited from LearningRx programs. I’ve learned over the years, our program don’t just help the student. They help the whole family… because when a family member struggles, the whole family struggles.

  • Miranda Megill
    Miranda Megill Director of Training

    I went to Watkins College of Art for my Bachelors in Fine Arts in film and Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) for a Masters in Fine Arts in recording arts and technologies. I found LearningRx during my grad program and couldn’t bear to leave. Brain training is the most fun, rewarding job I’ve ever had; it’s even better than working on movies! I love watching my students grow, develop new skills, and earn self-confidence in their programs. I feel lucky having a job where I make a difference. When I’m not brain training, I still work on creative projects. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies.

  • Piper Fly
    Piper Fly Director

    I completed my undergraduate studies in Business at Samford University and went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration from Georgia State University. For almost 2 decades, I have worked in the field of education and finance and thrive on building a better future for young learners. That became even more of a passion as I began raising my three children and watching them learn. No child learns in the same way which is why the LearningRx programs are perfect for every unique learner, young and old!

  • Ashley Green
    Ashley Green Brain Trainer

    I went to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a Minor in Painting. Brain training appeals to me because it’s both fun AND fulfilling! (Two qualities I've never had together before in a job.) I'm also a smoothie barista, head trainer at a locally-owned wellness cafe, and teach yoga part-time. I love hiking, knitting, reading, cooking, and am always seeking new crafts that can be self-taught! I'm vegan. I have a bird. Mari Kondo is my hero.

  • Matthew Busman
    Matthew Busman Brain Trainer

    I went to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and studied Psychology and Philosophy. I have worked with kids for as long as I can remember, either in churches or schools, and after a period where I wasn't able to do so, I really missed it. I have been a trainer since 2016 and I absolutely love watching the mixture of practical cognitive growth and intangible emotional growth that occurs in our students throughout their programs. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching sports, and writing/drawing. I also love to go on hikes and walks with my dogs, Samson and Penny.

  • Telisa Pylant
    Telisa Pylant Brain Trainer

    I went to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and studied . I met a LearningRx brain trainer through a mutual friend and within a few minutes of learning about brain training, I was hooked. That was in July of 2008. By August of 2008, I started training to become a brain trainer and haven’t looked back. I am also a jewelry designer/maker and painter. Recently, I started learning more about gardening and cooking. One interesting fact about me: I truly believe anything is possible.

  • Tara Swift
    Tara Swift Brain Trainer

    I graduated from beautiful Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. in Psychology. After a year of adventuring through SouthEast Asia, I returned to the U.S. and found LearningRx! Brain training is so important to me because we help struggling kids and teens lift themselves up to soar beyond their perceived limitations. We're cognitive trainers AND confidence builders. I also work as a behavior technician for a local Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) clinic here in SW Florida. In my free time I hang out in my garden, learn new recipes, work on creative art pieces, and spend time with my family.

  • Kimberly Kimball
    Kimberly Kimball Brain Trainer

    I went to Indiana Wesleyan University for undergraduate studies and Trevecca Nazarene University for graduate school. When I learned of LearningRx, I loved the idea of doing something hands on and engaging. I started brain training the summer of 2018 and I worked with students throughout my graduate program. Miranda says my daughter, Braelyn (3 months old), has the "biggest eyes I’ve ever seen and seriously cool hair”. In addition to being a brain trainer, I am a marriage and family counselor at Insight Counseling Centers and the Kids Director at my church.

    My hobbies are plants, puzzles, and hiking. I am terrified of the ocean/open water.