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Discover the Benefits of Cognitive Skills Training

School is tough enough for kids without having the added burden of learning, reading, or memory struggles. Weak cognitive abilities can greatly impact performance and lead to a variety of difficulties in school. On any given day in school, students use short-term and long-term memory, visual and auditory processing, and logic and reasoning, and if any of these skills are weak, they can affect overall performance. LearningRx is here to work with you.

Our brain training center in Waukesha provides one-on-one cognitive skills training for children with a variety of learning and homework struggles. We target weak skills and strengthen them through fun and challenging mental exercises. With a brain training program uniquely adapted for every client, clients of all ages can experience benefits that can enhance their life. Our programs have enhanced the lives of over 100,000 clients.

The cognitive profile of every child is unique, with both strong and weak skills. Here’s a look at the cognitive profiles of three children before undergoing cognitive testing and training at LearningRx:

  • Child A

    Chart of Cognitive Profiles of Child A

  • Child B

    Chart of Cognitive Profiles of Child B

  • Child C

    Chart of Cognitive Profiles of Child C

A child’s cognitive profile influences his or her experiences in school and life. Because all these skills work together, even one weak skill can make learning or life harder than it needs to be. This is why even very smart kids can struggle.

Does Cognitive Skills Training Actually Work?

chart showing cognitive training

Let’s take the experience of Child A above and see what difference, if any, was made following cognitive training. This 12-year-old was struggling with attention, math, and schoolwork. His cognitive profile showed why. While many skills were very strong, weak skills included processing speed, short- and long-term memory—weaknesses that made it difficult for him to focus and perform.

Following cognitive training, this student showed cognitive improvements across the board, including dramatic gains in his weakest skills.

The Average Improvements

Naturally, these are the improvements experienced by a single client, and you or your child may or may not get the same results. But even when looking at the average improvements of thousands of children and adults who have undergone cognitive training, the results show gains in every cognitive area.

Over a nine-year period, LearningRx tested the cognitive skills of 21,974 clients before and after brain training, which revealed dramatic gains in seven core areas if cognitive performance, including IQ score. The following scores are represented below in percentiles, which show where someone ranks compared to 99 of their peers.

Here are the results:

Graph of Pre and Post Percentiles Cognitive Performance
*These are the results of past clients. You may or may not achieve similar results.

Take Our Free Online Brain Quiz Today!

Is your child struggling in school? Our programs may be able to help! If you’re curious to learn more, we invite you to take our brain skills quiz for you and your child to get a little insight into where they stand compared to their peers of similar ages.

This three-minute quiz may also be able to uncover the “why” behind some of the difficulties they are experiencing. It’s quick, simple, and beneficial! Contact LearningRx - Milwaukee Brookfield today!

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