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Long Term Impact

Long Term Impact

Jill and I often talk about that the thing we love most about LearningRx is the families we get to meet and work with. It truly is a privilege. Recently I was running an errand when I ran into a client whom we have not seen in over 4 years. She surprised me when she called out my name and walked over. (It’s hard to recognize people wearing a mask, yes we maintained social distancing!)

We had a great conversation and I asked about her son John who went through a brain training program to address attention, focus, and memory issues. She commented on how well he has done and is doing as a new freshman in High School. One of his classes is AP Anatomy, a hard class at any level, let alone as a freshman. John’s mother gave us all the credit for his success. High praise indeed but as I often say, “it’s a team sport: great parenting, great schools, and LearningRx all play a role.”

We love hearing about our former students continued success and are glad we contribute in some part to our client’s achievements. Whether it is attention, reading, math, or just overall learning struggles, we are glad that we can help.

However, as I mentioned, the best part is the people we get to work with.

God Bless,

Kevin Pasqua