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Focus On the Customer

Focus On the Customer

In late July LearningRx held the annual awards ceremony for all LearningRx centers. I am proud to report that Jill and I received our 7th consecutive Customer Satisfaction Award. We opened this center in February of 2013 and have been recognized as a leader in serving our customers every year we have been open!

Receiving our 7th award has given us an opportunity to reflect on all the great families we have worked with in helping with reading, attention, and comprehension. To date we have worked with over 300 students to improve cognitive function, address learning struggles, and gain confidence with brain training.

When we first opened, our home office and other LearningRx centers talked about how life changing training can be. I knew brain training could be impactful because of our experience with one of our own children, but life changing? I will admit I was just a little skeptical. However, after 7 years and hundreds of students I am no longer a skeptic. For many of our clients it is life changing.

If homework is no longer a team sport, if a child can now read at grade level with their peers, if a child no longer needs an IEP, well that is life changing. Here is one of my favorite testimonials from a little over a year ago:

As of this morning it is official - Rachael has graduated from her IEP! Six plus years of an is no coincidence that just over a year after graduating the Learning Rx program she tested out of her IEP. Her increased memory and executive functions were specifically mentioned in the meeting. Not only has she improved vastly in an educational setting, we have had several people comment that she is so much more confident is speaking to others, and can carry on a logical conversation. Learning Rx really is amazing. We have tangible proof of what a difference is can make in someone's future!

This is one of my favorites and is just one of many!

Jill and I remain focused on our students. If you come to us with a reading problem like Dyslexia, it is now our reading problem, if you come to us and need help with attention issues like ADD and ADHD, it is now our attention problem. Your child’s success is our focus and we believe it is a privilege to work with every one of our students and their families. We are proud to be recognized for our service, and I believe with our focus each students success we will continue to be recognized.

God Bless

Kevin and Jill Pasqua