Children (8-9), sitting at table, writing in classroom

StudyRx is a program for students of middle school through college. At LearningRx, our certified and professional staff will target and develop the students’ skills and proper mindset with special emphasis on students’ study habits. In StudyRx, a participant will learn:

  • A mindset for success
  • Goal setting process and strategies
  • Perseverance
  • Study habits and study techniques
  • Essay writing
  • Active listening skills
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Planning and prioritizing strategies
  • Time management skills

Class Size: 6 – 8
Frequency: 7 sessions – 2 hours per session on a set calendar ( ‎)

A StudyRx coach leads the class. There is classroom instruction along with homework.

StudyRx Fee: $250.00 per person

Private Class: Work one on one with a StudyRx coach. You set the schedule and the pace.

One on One StudyRx Fee: $650.00

Each family receives:
StudyRx manual covering all the material taught in the class.
Quick Reference Card: The quick reference card highlights
the key points and best practices from each area.
Electronic Forms: Each student will be given a thumb drive
with blank forms formatted for goal setting, note-taking,
and prioritizing and planning activities.

Any student can audit any portion of any future class at
no-charge and there is no limit to how many times a student
audits. If a particular session or sessions are missed then the
student can attend a future class and make up that session
at no charge.


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“I came to LearningRx because I had a hard time with reading, writing, and memory. I think I have improved a lot. Memory match is going to help me in my memory. ReadingRx will help me with my reading. Integration clap will help me with my focus and multitasking. LearningRx was really fun. Cornell Notes has been really helpful too. My literature teacher read us a story about Apache Creation and I took Cornell Notes. I was the only one in my entire grade that got an A+. I was sooo happy because she was the roughest teacher in the school. I think I will have great school year because of LearningRx. I think Michele is the best trainer ever and she has a great tan! Thank you LearningRx, I had a great time.”


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