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Printable Materials from LearningRx

We Provide Additional Resources for Our Brain Training Clients

Need resources or want more information about cognitive skills training? Below are samples of LearningRx magazines, brochures, and other materials available for use. Feel free to download any of the following items by clicking on the image.

Issue-Specific Rack Brochures

For a more focused look at specific topics related to brain training, we encourage you to examine these brochures.

Just as each student is different, each struggle presents different challenges – and has different causes. Because of this, our approach is individual-based. We treat the root causes, rather than the symptoms, of learning struggles.

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Our Brain Training Brochure

What can LearningRx do for you? This eight-page introduction to brain training explains who can benefit from personal brain training, how to take the first step, why one-on-one brain training works, what new clients can expect, and how we measure your results.

Topical Mini-Magazines

Click the image to download each magazine.

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Want to Learn More About Developing Your Cognitive Skills?

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