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Dr. Ken Gibson’s Books

Our Founder & the Brain Behind LearningRx

Unlock The Einstein Book CoverDr. Ken Gibson is a passionate pioneer in the field of education. In January 2002, he founded LearningRx Brain Training Centers. For the previous 17 years, Dr. Gibson devoted himself to the development of systems that could effectively measure and train cognitive learning and reading skills. Under his vision and leadership, over half a dozen practical new programs for cognitive skills testing and training have been developed and are in use by thousands of people and practitioners across the country today. Dr. Gibson works and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake up the Smart in Your Child”

One name has emerged out of the last century to mean smart: “Einstein.” In this book, Dr. Ken Gibson helps parents understand that there is a little bit of Einstein locked up in each of their children – regardless of how they perform in school – and how to unlock it.

There is genuine hope for every child or individual struggling with a learning challenge. New innovative techniques based on groundbreaking brain science are now available. In this book, now in its third edition, you will learn how to turn your child’s frustration and failures with learning into greatly improved achievement and success because the root cause of the challenge is identified and corrected rather than just the symptoms.

The Purpose Directed Business Book Cover“The Purpose Directed Business: An insider’s look into the values, strategies and 15 profitability keys of small business”

We live in a world that so easily separates business from heart. Your beliefs and principles are important to you, but it often seems you need to lay them aside in order to succeed in the workplace. The feeling that our convictions are out of place – antiquated dinosaurs in a fast-paced business environment – can leave us feeling detached and empty.

In his new book, The Purpose Directed Business, Dr. Ken Gibson reveals his own personal, life-changing struggle to integrate business and core values. Transparent and full of practical guidelines, The Purpose Directed Business is a must-read for anyone who longs to find true meaning in their work. Follow a confident entrepreneur on your journey towards discovering principles that will turn your success into a matter of identity and your profitability into true reward.

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