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MathRx® Programs in McKinney

Brain Training for a Brighter Future

LearningRx offers a MathRx program in McKinney designed to build the underlying cognitive skills required to effectively and efficiently learn mathematical concepts, perform mathematical calculations, and solve problems. While these exercises are typically not academic, many drills focus on developing numerical fluency. This makes them very helpful, especially since adults and children with poor executive function, dyscalculia, and other severe math difficulties often struggle due to deficiencies in this core mathematical skill area.

We train numerical fluency and executive functioning skills through a number of drills that increase in difficulty, improving core cognitive components of efficient math performance, such as:

  • Fluency planning problem-solving visualization
  • Memory (visual, iterative, procedural, and working) numerical and fractional
  • Reasoning and logic
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Comprehension
  • Attention

It’s important to note that every exercise incorporates a higher-level planning component in addition to many of these elements. Research shows that clients who have superior planning functions also have the ability to master mathematical concepts with far greater ease.

How to Start Your Cognitive Skills Training

If you or someone you love struggles with dyscalculia or other math-related challenges, take the first step toward overcoming learning struggles with our online brain quiz. This free, three-minute quiz will show you what you struggle with and why they are affecting your learning process. If you want to address these challenges further, we invite you to schedule a Brain Skills Assessment at LearningRx - McKinney. Our brain trainers look forward to learning more about your brain and will use that information to design a program that accommodates your unique needs to ensure maximum results. The Assessment only takes about an hour to complete and is reasonably priced.

Contact us today at (972) 382-6918, and start working toward a better tomorrow.

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