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Family Fun That Is COVID-19 Friendly

Family Fun That Is COVID-19 Friendly

For most of us, the year looks a lot different than we thought it would. No summer camps, beach vacays. We’re all supposed to stay put. Have your kids been driving you crazy looking for fun things to do? Are you out of ideas for entertainment? Check out these ideas of summer fun for the whole family that can be done right from home.

Scavenger hunt

This is a great one because it can be done inside or outside! You can turn it into a competition and see who finds each item first or you can all work together to find everything. Can’t get the older kiddos excited about exploring for objects? No problem! Have them help you decide what their younger siblings should be looking for! They can even be the ones to write up clues that their sibling can follow on this fun adventure.

Put on a play

Do your kiddos have a favorite story? Why not bring that story to life? From toddler to teen, the whole family can take part in putting on a play right in your very own living room! Have the older one’s write out all the lines and the little ones can perform! Think through what could be used as props and costumes! What fun could be had! This is a great way for the whole family to get together and cooperate using imaginative thinking to make the story come to life!

Letter Writing

Remember when mail was more than just a bunch of advertisements and bills? Remember when you used to beg your parents to go check the mail because the pure thought that something might be for you was just so exciting? Why not bring that excitement back?! Since your kiddos can’t go play with friends, have them write letters! Lets bring back pen pals! It’s the perfect time to teach your kiddos how to write a letter and address an envelope. Add in extra fun by letting them pick out fun paper and stickers to decorate it to their heart’s desire!

Water Game Championship

Who doesn’t love a little water fun in the backyard? Sure, its winter, but its Texas! We all know we get those random 70-degree days, so why not make the most of it? Since many of the usual indoor activities are still at a halt, bring the fun to the backyard! Grab the hose, some buckets, sponges, and balloons and the options are practically endless! Create all kinds of fun water games and have your family compete to see who can win them all! Whether its sprinkler limbo or sponge dodgeball, everyone can join in on the water fun!