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  • Julie Chambers
    Julie Chambers Owner

    In the McKinney Learning Center we have restored the lives of so many McKinney families. I’m Julie Chambers, Executive Director, and I’ve seen families that feel alone in their struggles. I want you to know that about 20% of children and adults face some kind of learning struggle. And while they are all a little unique, they all have one thing in common.

    My 6 children each had a different challenge, but at the root of their challenges was a code. That code, identified by a Cognitive Skills Assessment, helped us unlock their potential. I understand the pains of seeing a child struggle and feeling alone in your struggle. A few of my children had severe Learning Difficulties. Even my high IQ kids faced Anxiety and Depression. Before buying our franchise, all 6 of my kids went through a program and wow! I got all my confident kids back. In 2015, Gabe, my husband, had a motorcycle accident. He did not come out unscathed. We put him through some Cognitive Therapy in our Center, and cognitively, he is better than ever. That’s Right! Our Learning Center in McKinney works with adults too. Even if you believe your child just needs to work harder, you need to come see us. LearningRx has helped hard kids work more efficiently and improve their cognitive skills so they don’t have to work so hard. I hope you’ll give us a call, schedule an assessment, and get on the path to restoring your family.