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What Maple Grove Parents Want to Know

Learn More About Our Brain Training Center in Maple Grove

If you have a child that is struggling with learning, memory, or comprehension, you’ve come to the right place. However, we are sure you have plenty of questions. The brain is a complicated subject, to put it simply. At LearningRx, we offer customized programs that target your child’s weaknesses and strengthen them through fun, challenging, and results-producing games with their own brain trainer.

To best understand the needs of your child, we’ll first give them our Brain Skills Assessment at our Maple Grove brain training center. It takes about an hour to complete but gives us (and you!) detailed information about your child’s cognitive abilities. We’ll be able to discuss with you the reasons behind their struggles and create a plan that will target weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

We are not a tutoring service, but a program that gives clients the tools and push they need to overcome struggles and perform better in school.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is always here to answer any questions you may have. We have also supplied answers to several of the most common questions we receive.

Q: I have to drag my child kicking and screaming to tutoring sessions and it’s exhausting. Will brain training be as painful—for both of us?

A: At LearningRx, our mental workouts consist of challenging, interactive games. Does training feel hard at times? Absolutely. Does it feel like school, tutoring, or homework? Absolutely not. Of course, we can’t guarantee how your child will react, but we hear over and over from parents how much their kids love coming to training. When a child is struggling, there are plenty of experiences to dread in school and life. We don’t want brain training to be one of them.

Q: Won’t my child outgrow his or her learning struggle?

A: Not necessarily. Children and teens who struggle do so for a reason and the reason is often weak cognitive skills. As your child is maturing, weak cognitive skills don’t necessarily catch up (which is why adults can struggle with learning, memory, reading, or attention, too). Perhaps a better question is, while your child is struggling, how are those struggles impacting his or her self-image? Confidence? Love of learning? Whatever stage of education or life your child is in, it’s never too soon to take action to work on weak cognitive skills.

Q: What if the brain training exercises are too hard? Will my child be able to keep up?

A: At some point, we guarantee the exercises will be too hard. But not so hard that, with a little effort and some encouraging coaching, they can’t be done. And there’s nothing we love more than the look on the face of a kid who just accomplished something that, five minutes earlier, he believed with all his heart he couldn’t do. Our trainers are experts at taking kids and adults to the edge of their comfort zone—and beyond. Confidence isn’t found on this side of the comfort boundary, and that makes finding it all the sweeter.

Take Our Brain Quiz for Your Child

We happily offer our free online brain quiz so that you can get a little insight into the reasons behind your child’s struggle. This three-minute quiz will also let you know how your child compares to his or her peers.

We have a wide variety of programs that target the skills required for successful learning and performing and have helped over 100,000 clients lead fuller lives. Take our quiz today to get a glimpse into what we can do for your child.

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