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LearningRx Reviews Top Parent Complaints

We hear it all the time in our consultations: parents are concerned about their child’s lack of motivation, inability to complete tasks on their own, inattention, and struggles in school. Kids complain that they don’t enjoy school, hate homework, and many have given up on big goals for their future. Many parent-teacher conferences include discussion about disruptions, incomplete assignments, and problems focusing.

A lot of times, parents assume these kinds of complaints are simply a motivation issue, or that their child just isn’t trying hard enough. In reality, a lot of these problems can be caused by underlying cognitive skill deficiencies. That’s why we always start with a cognitive skills assessment, so we can determine if these complaints are actually caused by a cognitive weakness – one we can strengthen and train in our one-on-one brain training programs.

To hear parents’ reviews of the impact of one-on-one brain training, you can visit http://finance.yahoo.com/news/learningrx-reviews-complaints-parents-students-100000088.html.

Adult Complaints

As an adult, if you’re hearing complaints from coworkers and supervisors that you aren’t meeting expectations, it may be due to weak cognitive skills weakness. Most adults are able to find a job that focuses on their cognitive strengths, which is a great start. But if you’ve recently started a new job, or you’ve been turned down for a promotion, or you simply can’t pass your certification tests, it may be due to a cognitive skill deficiency. For instance, if your job requires quick thinking and you’ve got a processing speed deficiency, it can be very difficult to excel without intensely training that skill.

If you’re facing job complaints – either in a desire to move up or make a career change, or complaints from those around you – training your cognitive skills may help. Our initial assessment can help uncover where those complaints may be coming from, and help you make a positive impact that sets you up for future success.

Brain Training Reviews – Complaints are Rare

While rare among LearningRx clients, complaints can occur in even the best relationships. As a family-owned, family-run business, LearningRx is committed to making sure clients have the best possible experience at any of the company’s 80-plus brain training centers throughout the nation.

That said, we take it seriously when someone feels they’ve received less from our company than expected. Even though complaints are few and far between, we view them as opportunities to evaluate (and improve, if needed) our systems and services. We also see them as opportunities to resolve issues in such a way that someone with an unmet expectation might be transformed into someone who is so pleased with our product and services, they can’t wait to refer friends and families to our company.

LearningRx Students Review their Training

It is worth noting that thousands of students go through our program, and very few have anything less than a very positive experience with our company. In fact, our customer satisfaction score averages 9.5 out of 10. In other words, complaints about LearningRx are the exception, not the rule.

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