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ComprehendRx® Programs in Knoxville

See How Our Brain Training Center Can Enhance Your Understanding

LearningRx is proud to introduce a groundbreaking program called ComprehendRx. This type of brain training targets the core skills essential for reading and comprehension. ComprehendRx goes far beyond decoding words as it helps clients strengthen skills that enable them to read faster, understand oral instructions and written materials easier and faster, and to think more deeply and analytically about the material being presented. This can result in dramatically improved comprehension, application, and retention.

ComprehendRx is great if you want to improve your reading speed, your ability to remember what you have read, or your ability to understand the material more. LearningRx - Knoxville can help you get to the root of these problems and provide a time-tested, life-changing solution.

How ComprehendRx Works

Clients work one-on-one with LearningRx brain trainers doing game-like exercises that are fun and fast-paced. Every session is customized to maintain the fun but increase the intensity of these exercises. In other words, clients still enjoy the program throughout but are encouraged to keep pushing themselves, stretching their abilities and facing new, exciting challenges with every session.

Developing the Underlying Skills Needed for Reading Comprehension

  • Metacognitive strategies: ComprehendRx strengthens the ability to self-monitor success and understand what’s being read, then make internal adjustments (in reading speed, attention, etc.) to self-correct and improve reading performance.
  • Reasoning: ComprehendRx improves reasoning, critical for connecting, analyzing, understanding and applying new information.
  • Working memory: ComprehendRx focuses on and strengthens working memory for better retention as that information is being compared, analyzed, connected, and organized.
  • Sequential processing: ComprehendRx develops the critical ability to hold sequences of information in working memory while processing new incoming data.
  • Vocabulary: ComprehendRx drills key high-frequency words and phrases for quick, accurate recognition.
  • Reading Fluency: ComprehendRx creates gains in speed and accuracy, equipping clients to devote less effort to decoding and more attention to comprehension.
  • Visualization: ComprehendRx strengthens visualization skills, which research shows is necessary for: retaining information, organizing meaning, understanding abstractions, connecting ideas, making analogies, and comparing ideas.

Benefits of ComprehendRx

Reading is practically pointless without comprehension. By dramatically improving critical thinking skills, vocabulary, memory, and visualization, this program provides clients with the tools they need to find more success and enjoyment in reading.

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