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Back to School Blues?

Back to School Blues?

It’s the third week of school. Your child has just gotten back into a schedule. It’s getting easier to get up early in the morning and go to bed at night. You’re thinking that this school year is going to be so much better than last year. Then, something changes. The new learning starts. Homework begins. Your child is struggling. So what happened?

New Year, Same Old Struggles

When the teacher begins introducing new content after the first few weeks of school, struggles begin again. Your child may have felt comfortable reviewing what was learned in the previous gradeBack to School Blues from LearningRx because it seemed familiar but the new learning throws them for a loop.

When a teacher introduces new content, it exposes a student’s learning gaps. In each grade, your child must build upon what was previously learned so that he or she can be successful with the new content. Many things can get in the way of learning. In fact, weak cognitive skills are usually the reason for why so many students struggle. This can be very detrimental to a student’s confidence and his or her success in school.

What’s the Cause of Back to School Blues?

· Attention – Does your child struggle to focus or multitask? Can he or she ignore distractions?

· Long-Term Memory – Does your child have trouble taking tests? Can he or she remember what was learned last year?

· Processing Speed – Does it take your child a long time to get started on a task? Does homework take longer than it should?

· Working Memory – Can your child remember multi-step directions? Does he or she need constant reminders to get something done?

· Visual Processing – Does your child have poor reading comprehension? Can your child draw a picture to help him or her solve a math word problem?

· Logic & Reasoning – Can your child easily catch on to a new math concept or strategy? Do you have trouble understanding your child’s stories or writings because they don’t have a beginning, middle, and end?

· Auditory Processing – Does your child have trouble reading words accurately? Does he or she sound robotic when reading?

How You Can Help Your Student

If you answered any of those questions with a yes, your child may have weak cognitive skills. When weak cognitive skills aren’t addressed and remedied, a child will experience struggles in school that don’t go away. These weaknesses will be a constant presence in someone’s life, even when the child becomes an adult.

This struggle with back to school blues is unnecessary. With an hour-long cognitive assessment, you can find out exactly why your child is struggling. You will come away from the assessment and consultation appointment with a solution to help your child be successful and gain confidence. Turn an “I can’t” into an “I can” with the help of LearningRx.

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