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Our Team

  • Samina Rahman
    Samina Rahman Brain Trainer

    I have spent much of my childhood and young adult years here in Katy, Texas. I later received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. My experience in Behavioral Neuroscience, Human Brain Imaging, Cognitive Psychology, Introduction to Developmental Psychology course work in at University of Texas Austin shapes my passion for the field of psychology. For the past few years, I have worked alongside psychology professors to conduct research as well as volunteered on a project with a charity organization called Project Cure. The project consisted of me and a fellow volunteer collecting medical supplies from schools to donate to developing countries. Along with conducting research and volunteering, I enjoy keeping up to date with worldly events, participating in cultural festivities, as well as playing with my little gray cat named Richard who never ceases to melt my heart with her sweetness.

    Watch Samina's intro video here

  • Courtney Russell
    Courtney Russell Brain Trainer

    I have lived in Texas all my life. I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. I love to be involved with people of all ages. I have volunteered at the Capitol School of Austin working with children who have speech, language, and learning differences. I also spent some time working on cognitive therapy with adults who have suffered from strokes and traumatic brain injuries. I am passionate about helping others develop skills and reach their full potential to succeed in future settings. I have two miniature schnauzers named Gigi and Gracie-Lou. My hobbies include being outdoors, playing and watching sports, exercising, and fishing with my dad. I also love spending time with my family. I enjoy traveling to see friends and meeting new people as well.

    To learn more about Courtney, check out her video here.

  • Christi Stone
    Christi Stone Brain Trainer

    As a brain trainer, I am dedicated to helping children and adults strengthen their cognitive skills to better enhance their lives, education, and/or career. Aside from brain training, I love to travel, go to concerts and plays/musicals, and I am an avid collector of cameos and pins. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Houston.

  • Kenneth Granillo-Velasquez
    Kenneth Granillo-Velasquez Brain Trainer

    I was born and raised in Houston (TX) but obtained my Bachelor's degree in Psychology way up north at the University of Iowa. I am passionate about human and industrial Psychology. Outside of a formal education, I find a predilection in gathering new knowledge, so you might find me perusing the myriad of used textbooks I've bought for the mere purpose of fulfilling that desire to learn. Like they say: 'Scientia Potentia Est!' (Knowledge is Power). With this drive, I engender the same push in my students in training using our fun and mentally challenging LearningRx activities to achieve faster thinking, easier learning, better memory, comprehension, stronger attention and better performance at school, work or career. I love to read, write, binge watch TV and I enjoy spending time with my adorable Yorkshire-Shitzuh mix doggie

  • Lola Jewesimi
    Lola Jewesimi Director

    Welcome! I'm Lola Jewesimi, Executive Director of LearningRx Katy Brain Training Center. Thank you for your interest in brain training. I'm excited to share LearningRx brain training with you. — we invite you to visit Katy brain training center at 1820 S Mason Road., Ste. 350, Katy Texas. We’re available to answer any questions you may have, please give us a call at 281-394-5533.

  • Jessica Peralta
    Jessica Peralta Brain Trainer

    I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Throughout my schooling years I have always known I wanted to seek a career in helping others. In line with my passion, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Houston. While in college, I had the opportunity to work at the Boys and Girls Club for a couple of years helping at-risk children with tutoring, guiding them through life challenges and helping them to building essential skills for success. I also had the opportunity to work at YMCA as site director working with families to make their personal fitness goal a success. Working with children has always been a tremendous pleasure for me and continues to be because children are the foundation of our community and we must continue to nurture their core skills.

    Learn more about Jessica by watching her video here.

  • Evelin Nunez
    Evelin Nunez Brain Trainer

    Check out Evelin's video to learn more about her.

  • Linda Kapp
    Linda Kapp Brain Trainer

    Linda Kapp has been working in the field of education for over ten years. She started with her teaching career after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with a minor in Spanish. Linda taught first grade and later provided Spanish instruction and reading intervention instruction to children of all ages. After discovering her passion and desire to learn more about how the learning brain works, she obtained her Master Degree in Educational Diagnostics and Exceptionality. This is her sixth year in the field and enjoys using her diagnostic skills to help students and other clients have a better understanding of how they learn and can grow as learners.