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When you or your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you’re filled with questions and uncertainty. At LearningRx Green Bay, we want you to know that you’re not alone. We know that ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, processing disorders, and many types of learning disabilities can make life at home, work, or in the classroom particularly tough. You may have tried different treatment options to address the challenges you’ve faced, but seen no success. Whether you’ve been attempting to conquer these challenges for a while or just received a formal diagnosis, LearningRx Green Bay understands how you feel, and we can help even if you just suspect the presence of a learning disability.

LearningRx Green Bay does not formally test for, diagnose, or provide therapy for learning disabilities. LearningRx uncovers the root cause of the learning disability without turning to tutoring or attempting to treat the issue with medication. In close to 85% of diagnosed cases, a learning struggle stems from a weakness in one or more weak cognitive skills, which include attention, memory, auditory processing, logic and reasoning, processing speed, and visual processing. LearningRx Green Bay offers students struggling with learning challenges a unique, one-on-one brain training program that can identify and isolate these weaker skills. The expert team at LearningRx Green Bay then targets these cognitive skills and strengthens them with entertaining but challenging mental exercises. Countless former LearningRx students have seen quantifiable gains after completing one of our brain training programs and report experiencing significantly fewer challenges with learning at home, at work, and in the classroom.

If you or your child are tired of being defined by the challenges of a learning disability, contact us today and discover how LearningRx’s personalized brain training can assess and address the root cause of your struggles. We have helped over 102,000 students and adults redefine their future. Why not become one of them? Get started today with a free brain skills quiz and start the journey to easier learning.

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