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If you or child has been diagnosed with ADHD, LearningRx Green Bay is here to help provide the answers and support you’re looking for. Addressing ADHD doesn’t necessarily mean that facing a long road of medication, treatment, or therapy. As an alternative to traditional attention-based treatments, LearningRx Green Bay offers a pathway to progress focused on strengthening cognitive skills that are commonly associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Students and professionals facing an ADHD diagnoses can face a wide spectrum of challenges that cause difficulty in the classroom, at home, or the office. Those affected often report extreme difficulty focusing on tasks, impulsive behaviors, emotional outbursts, and a significantly shortened attention span. LearningRx Green Bay is not a medical or healthcare provider and does not formally treat, diagnose or prescribe medication for ADHD. Instead, we take a comprehensive approach to testing, isolating and strengthening the cognitive skills commonly associated ADHD through Brain Training. Previous LearningRx Green Bay students have seen a marked improvement in skills needed for attention and focus.

ADHD is challenge for the whole family, not just the individual suffering. Let LearningRx Green Bay help you face this challenge. Our team will work with you and your child to understand your issues and goals, then set about to improve your child’s life through our Brain Training programs.

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