2018 Awards

LearningRx Green Bay Takes Home Top Awards From National Convention

 The LearningRx Green Bay Brain Training Center team took home two top awards at the company’s national convention held in Colorado Springs, Colorado: the 2018 Employee of the Year Award and the 2018 Customer Service Award.

The Employee of the Year Award was given to Christa Cook

LearningRx Green Bay- “Christa Cook has played an essential part of the LearningRx Green Bay team for over 2 years.  As Director of Communications and Sales, she is often found working with families interested in LearningRx services, clients, and their family members, as well as the LearningRx staff to ensure that everyone has the best expience possible at LearningRx. Christa’s passion is helping others, and you can truly see and feel that passion in her work everyday.”

The Customer Service Award is given to centers that have shown a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

LearningRx Green Bay-” At LearningRx in Green Bay our families and clients are our top priority. From the moment a client and their family enters our center we want them to know and feel that we are just as invested in their goals as they are. Our team celebrates clients’ strengths and encourages them to work through their struggles using our researched-based and proven programs.  We do our absolute best to ensure every client gets to experience the life-changing benifits the programs have to offer.  We are incredibly honored to receive this award, and we look forward to ongoing opportunities to help more clients on their path to success.”

To determine customer satisfaction, LearningRx uses a 10-point scale and asks clients (or their parents) the likelihood they would recommend LearningRx to a friend. The 10-point measurement of customer loyalty also works as a system to increase customer satisfaction. LearningRx has used the accountability program to create system-wide profitable growth.

About LearningRx
LearningRx, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the largest one-on-one brain training organization in the world. With 80 Centers in the U.S., and locations in 39 countries around the globe, LearningRx has helped more than 100,000 individuals and families sharpen their cognitive skills to help them think faster, learn easier, and perform better. Their on-site programs partner every client with a personal brain trainer to keep clients engaged, accountable, and on-task — a key advantage over online-only brain exercises. Their pioneering methods have been used in clinical settings for over 35 years and have been verified as beneficial in peer-reviewed research papers and journals. To learn more about LearningRx research resultsprograms, and their 9.6 out of 10 client satisfaction rating visit http://www.learningrx.com/.