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A Google
Dec 16, 2018

Dec 01, 2018

Nov 27, 2018

My daughter struggled a lot with reading. She just graduated from the program. Her reading is more fluent, she can sound out words easier and she actually enjoys to read now! I can't imagine how frustrating school would be for her if we hadn't gone through the program.

Oct 19, 2018

Jun 04, 2017

We were so pleased with the amazing results!! My daughter made improvements that we observed even before the final testing, but seeing her great improvements on paper solidified our belief in the program.

May 25, 2017

This was a great experience! Jake's scores increased and the staff was awesome!

Apr 05, 2017

We were so pleased with the amazing results!! My daughter made improvements that we observed even before the final testing, but seeing her great improvements on paper solidified our belief in the program.

Feb 21, 2017

What a difference Learning RX has made in the life of my son! The team provided intensive brain training exercises that focused on activating my son's short term memory - a problem he started to experience after 3 concussions. He now feels sharp again in school and is so thankful we made the investment into "braces for his brain"!

Nov 09, 2016

Awesome program! Love using alternatives and working the brain/memory! This type of program can be beneficial for someone of any age. It made improvements in my ADD son in 12 weeks. Reasonably priced.

Oct 17, 2016

The director and staff are awesome people to work with to make an investment in your children. The program was interesting to observe and participate in, paced just right to get their brains moving!

Oct 17, 2016

I was probably the most critical customer that Learning Rx has been blessed with, and in the end the kids did not want to leave after "graduating" from their programs! They loved their brain trainers­čśŐ

Oct 14, 2016

Best investment I ever made! Cognitive Brain Training was just what my son needed to make learning and remembering easier. It made a huge difference in his academics, his attitude and his confidence! Highly recommend LearningRx for kids and adults that want to improve their learning and comprehension skills!

Heidi Bast
Oct 10, 2016

Our daughter was a student of Kristina Hemstead at LearningRX. I cannot tell you how beneficial and what blessings both Kristina and LearningRX were for her! They found out exactly what was holding her back and tailored her program to meet her individual needs! She absolutely loved and connected with Kristina and made amazing progress with this program. After struggling for so long, we only wish we would have found LearningRX much sooner. I would highly recommend this program for anyone at any level!! We will be forever grateful to Dena, Kristina, and LearningRX!

Sep 01, 2016

We are truly amazed and excited about the changes in our son and his abilities. He has always been a super hard worker and, for the most part, did well in school. However, he spent SO much time on school work and, in math, didn't get very good grades even though he understood all the concepts. There was a disconnect somewhere... RX seems to have found it and paved a way through! He has TONS more confidence going into the school year and really feels like he can acheive his goal of being a doctor! Well worth the money. I wish we would have done it sooner than high school!

Jul 14, 2016

Dena and Learning RX are phenomenal. Our son struggled in a number of areas. Their methods combined with their patience really helped with his ability to learn. Thank you

Mar 09, 2016

Sweet Ms. Nancy, Last week was refreshing for us too. She really worked hard when she was working with you. She is becoming more and more confident with her reading. We had conferences on Thursday evening and I must say that it went beautifully. Adalyn's teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about her progress, her focus, her work ethic and her heightened excitement about learning. Adalyn has moved up six reading levels since the beginning of this program. That is so incredible! It's almost hard to believe. Her teacher feels very confident that finishing the rest of rx and continuing to work on her level books that she will be ready and at the fourth grade entrance reading level by the end of this school year! You have no idea the excitement I feel and my mom shares that feeling of great excitement. I feel like so many mountains have been scaled because of this program and because of you! You have helped in so many ways to encourage, motivate, and work through challenges for Adalyn that we would not have ever been able to accomplish alone. Adalyn's teacher stated that she Is actually helping other children during spelling and reading with the reading rules you taught her. I am so proud of her. You have really helped to change and mold a more positive student in Adalyn. She is hardly ever pessimistic about school anymore. As much as I thought how on earth are we going to get through 24 weeks of this at week 2,3,4,5 it flew by when adalyn began feeling she was really intelligent. Now I wonder why it went so quickly and I wish we weren't done yet because it has built such a strong thinker and confident child. Thank you so much for all you have done and will continue to help do even when we are done with the program. She will carry this program and all she learned with her for the rest of her life. We are so grateful, Katie

Jan 21, 2016

Attitude is infectious and this center has it in abundance!

Jan 20, 2016

Our son had a comprehension problem: not understanding what he was reading or having explained to him. Because he did not qualify for an IEP, we searched the internet and found Learning RX. This place is fantastic!! After testing him, Dena set up a plan for training. As the months flowed, our son became more confident, had a better understanding of things and was happier! Without Learning RX, I don't know what we would have done. The staff is kind, patient and understanding! Thank you, Dena and crew for brining out the awesome in our son!!

Jan 13, 2016

It's hard to put into words all the feelings and emotions that overwhelm our family. Our family has fallen in love with a trainer and a program, Learning RX, that has changed our son Will. Will has gained confidence, academic success and the ability to hold his head high as he enters his classroom. School is a positive, happy place that has more impact on his daily living than ever before. The incredible positive, life changing skills Will has learned, will impact for the rest of his life. Everything Learning RX does for their clients and families, are INTENTIONAL. They live with intention! They teach with intention! Kristina and company, have empowered Will to live with INTENTION. Thank you so much for all you have done for us.

Jan 12, 2016

Learning RX has helped my son become more confidant in his school and reading skills. I would recommend Learning RX to anyone that needs a boost in their education!

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