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Three Ways to Help Your Anxious Child

Three Ways to Help Your Anxious Child

Many children struggle with anxiety. According to the CDC, over 4 million children have been diagnosed with anxiety. Included in this group are children as young as three years of age! As a parent, it is heartbreaking to see our children struggle. So what can we do to help? Here are three quick tips to help children overcome anxiety!

Lower Sugar Intake

It is no secret that sugar isn’t the best for us. It can leave you feeling sluggish and or irritable. But what does sugar have to do with anxiety? Sugar can exacerbate anxious feelings because of the way it causes blood sugar to spike then suddenly drop. When you reach for the cookie bag, think about giving your child some carrot sticks or peanut butter crackers instead.

Increase Exercise

Anxiety is a fight or flight response. When someone becomes anxious, if they do nothing, they will only become more anxious. If they decide to get their heart rate up, they can trick their body into thinking they are fighting. Encourage your children to run around the backyard or go on a quick bike ride!

Hug More

Physical touch increases dopamine and serotonin. These are the two “happy hormones” that are responsible for regulating moods. By hugging our children more, we can help increase these hormone levels. This will, in turn, lower their anxiety levels. Plus, who doesn’t love more snuggles?