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Keep Your Kids' Brains Fresh Over the Summer

Keep Your Kids' Brains Fresh Over the Summer

Studies show that the Summer Slide is real! Over a typical summer break, students lose an average of 30% of the knowledge gained the prior year. With the additional break from the Shelter-In-Place orders, this is expected to increase up to as much as 50%! Check out these tips to keep your kids’ brains fresh this summer!

Learn a new skill

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Has your child been begging you for music or dance lessons? Is he interested in bugs, or astronomy, or art? Summer is the perfect time! It takes multiple cognitive skills to learn something new like playing guitar, ballet dancing, or speaking a new language. If there is something your child has been wanting to learn, find a way to make it happen over the summer.

Don’t stop reading

Each year the schools put out a suggested summer list by grade. This is a great way to keep students' reading skills up over the summer! Encourage your student to read for 30 minutes to an hour each day. Do the books on the recommended list not spark your student’s interest? Have them pick out their own books and read to the whole family! This can also be a great family bonding activity. If you find it difficult to motivate your child to read, try a 1:1 approach where one hour of reading earns her one hour of another desired activity, like screen time or video game time.

Get them in the kitchen

Speaking of family bonding, let’s talk about cooking! Do you have fond memories of getting to help out in the kitchen when you were younger? Pass on the tradition to your own children! Are you wondering what this has to do with keeping up skills over the summer? Glad you asked, this one is about reading, sequencing AND math! What do all recipes have in common? Directions and measurements! Have your child read the recipe to you and put them in charge of making sure everything is measured correctly. Bonus points if you have them half or double the recipe!

Journal writing

Encourage your student to keep a journal of all the fun things they do over the summer. This can also be a great way for a student to get creative and learn new ways to express themselves through words. When there is no grade to worry about, there pressure is taken off. Not only will they be able to look back on their summer memories, they will also be keeping up their writing skills! This will make the transition back to writing assignments for school much easier. Be sure your journal has space for artwork as well as notes.

Build their brains at Brain Camp!

Summer is the perfect time to enroll your child in LearningRx brain training, without the competing time commitments during the school year. LearningRx has customized brain camps for every budget and schedule! Train a couple of times per week all summer, or every day for a week, or any combination in between! Let us create a specialized plan for your child to build any weak cognitive skills that impede learning efficiency and keep them from performing at their best. Click on Contact Us and we will get in touch with you to schedule a summer program for your little genius!