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Keep Learning All Summer Long

Keep Learning All Summer Long

Summer is a time for tan lines and flip flops. Guess what else it can be time for… Learning! Just because the school year had ended does not mean the learning has to stop! Make the most of this summer by helping your children learn all summer long! There are many fun ways you can make learning experiences happen while school is out. Check out these three ideas!

Science Experiments

Does your child struggle with science? Do they get frustrated reading about data? No problem! Let them learn through experiencing science, they just might fall in love with it. There are all sorts of fun, age appropriate, science experiment ideas online. Most of them use simple household products. From using lemon juice to make invisible ink to bottle rockets, the options are almost endless!


We can learn a lot about nature just by observing. If your child loves the outdoors, encourage them to go out and observe the creatures they find in nature! The more they observe, the more questions they have. Its these questions that are key. Use their curiosity to initiate a research project. Do they hear a bird when they go outside? Great! Grab a book about birds and let them figure out which one they have discovered.


Lets take this nature thought a bit further. Why only observe nature when you could work in nature as well? Get your child to help you start a herb or vegetable garden! Have them be in charge of making sure everything you plant has enough water and sunlight each day. Not only will they be learning about the specific needs of what you’re planting, they will learn about responsibility as well.