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Why Boredom Can Be A Good Thing

Why Boredom Can Be A Good Thing

Summertime is here! The sun is shining, school is out, the kids are excited for a break... then the boredom sets in. Suddenly, you’re surrounded by complaining children because somehow, even with all their books, games, and toys, they “have nothing to do!” Of course, as the parent, you’re the problem solver. They have a problem so they come to you for solving. Let us ease your stress by letting you in on a little secret: boredom can be a good thing!

Crazy, right? Well, here is the thing about boredom: when you’re bored, something must be done to change it. Boredom is a great way to initiate creativity. If a child does not have anything to do, they have to think up an activity or even their own imaginary land to fill their time. Creating an imaginary world can be a great way for children to pass time as the hours drag on in the summer. Don’t be too quick to jump in with entertainment options! Boredom also grows problem solving skills because, rather than looking to you for a solution, they are creating one themselves.

Imagination is vital for our kids’ future success. They will be required to exhibit out-of-the-box thinking, problem solving and creativity to get ahead in almost any career they choose. So do your kids a favor, and allow them to wallow in “boredom” long enough to build the initiative required to come up with their own solutions! Then watch and see what their brains can create!