LearningRx Brain Training fro Athletes

What can one-on-one brain training do for me?


The best athletes handle incoming information at lightning speed, reacting quickly, assessing quickly, and making splitsecond decisions.

Whether you are a recreational athlete, play on a school or community team, are competing for college scholarships, or compete professionally, it takes sharp mental skills to do the things you want and need to do. In fact, faster mental skills can give you a competitive edge in virtually any sport.

LearningRx sharpens mental skills by creating dramatic, permanent changes in how the brain performs.  Our programs increase the overall processing speed of the brain, and strengthen other skills including visual processing, memory, and logic & reasoning.

You already know the importance of physical speed and agility. Mental speed and agility is just as important.

LearningRx brain training can take fast skills and make them even faster. In fact, take a look at the chart to see improvements experienced by clients who came to us with above-average cognitive skills. In other words, even sharp thinkers experience faster mental performance after brain training. (And the gains for clients who come to us with moderate cognitive weaknesses are even greater!)

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