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  • Julie Chambers
    Julie Chambers Owner

    Hi! I’m Julie Chambers, Executive Director of the Frisco Learning Center. I know it has probably been a tough journey for you. After seeing hundreds of students come through my center, I’ve seen just about everything. Having raised 6 children, I know the pains of seeing your child struggle with all sorts of conditions. A few of my kids had severe Learning Difficulties. Before buying our franchise, all 6 of my kids went through a program. Wow! What a difference it has made in their lives. Even after my husband’s motorcycle accident, we were able to put him through some Cognitive Therapy. That’s Right! Our Learning Center in Frisco, isn’t just for kids. Even if you have tried everything else, you need to come see me. I have helped so many recover from their learning difficulties. I know it has been rough, but our Learning Center offers hope for hurting families. I hope you’ll give us a call, schedule an assessment, and start restoring your family