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Free Math Resources from the Leaders in Learning

Resources for Struggling Students

At LearningRx Brain Training, our goal is to help students of all ages learn easier, think faster, and perform better. We have helped thousands of students who once struggled with math and dyscalculia. Here are a few helpful resources that can help you address math struggles, too.

Brain Skills Quiz

The best way to address math struggles is to first understand the root cause of the struggle.

Often, parents believe that their child isn’t trying hard enough or lacks motivation and commitment to improving their poor math scores. However, there are usually underlying brain-based issues that can cause a student to consistently struggle with math and problem solving.

About 80% of math and learning struggles students experience are usually caused by one or more weak cognitive skills. We rely on these skills for math, problem solving, memorizing times tables, and just about everything we do.

Our Brain Skills Quiz is a set of 25 multiple choice questions that you can answer on your child’s behalf. The Quiz will help identify if there are any weak cognitive skills that could be causing math struggles. You’ll immediately receive your Quiz results via email along with helpful options designed specifically for your student’s biggest struggles.

Click here to take the Brain Skills Quiz.

Brain Training Game Pack

Inside this Game Pack, you’ll find a number of challenging games and activities that you can do with your child to put their cognitive skills to the test.

These games and activities are designed to help improve skills that students rely on for learning.

Free Book: Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Science to Wake Up the Smart in Your Child

LearningRx founder Dr. Ken Gibson co-wrote a book for parents of struggling students to help guide them through the science behind learning struggles and applying the right interventions.

It’s one thing if your child missed a few algebra classes and needs to play catch-up to learn new material. Tutoring and extra studying can help with that. However, if your child is consistently struggling with math or any other class, this book will provide invaluable tips and information to help you!

Talk to a Brain Skills Expert

There are LearningRx Centers around the world, and one of our representatives would be happy to talk to you about the issues and concerns you and your child are experiencing in math or in learning, in general.

Contact us today to learn more about brain training options that will address math struggles.

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