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Three Tips for Mental Health

Three Tips for Mental Health

October 10th is world mental health day. When we talk about “healthy” people, we usually mean whether or not someone lives a physically healthy lifestyle. But how often do we think about mental health? Lets take a minute to talk about some things we can be doing to make sure we are thinking about mental health.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Research shows many correlations between physical and mental health. In fact, many counselors and therapists will suggest their clients engage in regular cardio workouts. This is because engaging in activities such as running or bike riding releases endorphins which help relieve anxiety and stress.

Find A Support System

Family can be a great support system but not everyone has family that they live near or talk to often. Make sure you have people surrounding you that support you. Whether family, friends, or co-workers, everyone needs people who will support their hopes and dreams. We all need people who will check in on us and make sure we’re doing ok.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, you might not be doing ok. That shouldn’t be something to feel shame over. Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes we need a little extra help. If you feel overwhelmed by work, school, or life in general, reach out to a professional and get some help.