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Dyslexia Help In Eden Prairie

Tutoring & Brain Training for Dyslexia

At LearningRx - Eden Prairie, our brain training programs can help a wide range of learning disabilities or difficulties, including the struggles typically associated with dyslexia. Our programs are based on over 35 years of research and our team members have helped those who have been diagnosed with dyslexia to sharpen underlying cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are tied to learning and comprehension and many of our clients have reported faster learning abilities after utilizing our services. Learn more about how LearningRx - Eden Prairie can help if you or your child are struggling with dyslexia in the Eden Prairie area.

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Why Children with Dyslexia Struggle in School

Traditional schooling can often leave children behind, particularly if those children need additional support. Even traditional tutoring methods can be difficult for children with dyslexia, since tutoring relies on repetition and memorization.

At LearningRx - Eden Prairie,our services pair cognitive brain training with skill development. This means we don’t repeat difficult lessons and hope your child retains the information, we work towards teaching them the skills to retain the information the first time. You can learn more about our methods and programs during a consultation with our team.

Experiences by Families of Dyslexia Clients

LearningRx surveyed parents of 109 kids with dyslexia who completed one of our programs. The experiences of individual clients can vary, but the consistency of reported improvements is definitely worth sharing:

  • Many parents reported classroom improvements such as faster reading, improved reading comprehension, and stronger memory for details.
  • Almost half of the parents reported better grades after completing brain training, and more than half reported increased confidence in school.
  • Parents also reported more positive relationships with peers, more independence in completing homework, and increased participation and better performance in sports.

Here’s what these improvements look like on a graph:


*These are the results of past clients. You may or may not achieve similar results.

Additional Dyslexia Information & Resources:

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